Meet the Expand Project Team

William Akol

William Akol


Willian was born in Sudan and grew up in a Refugee Camp in Kenya where he completed both primary and high school education in the camp. He left Sudan in 1996 due to the civil war that lead to separation of Sudan in two countries; North Sudan and South Sudan. William arrived in NSW, Australia in June 2007 where he continued his studies at TAFE and completed Certificate IV and a Diploma of Business management.

William then move to Brisbane and graduated from University of Southern Queensland in 2015 with a Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Accounting. Currently William works for the Queensland Government in public service. Next, William is looking to start his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) program in early February 2017 and looks forward to becoming a qualified accountant.

William is excited to volunteer with Youth Without Borders as a mentor because he wants to inspire high school students to pursue their goals and go for any possible opportunities that lie ahead of them. He wants to make a difference in the community and build a better society for the next generation.

William is passionate about empowering young people through education, positive thinking and networking which can open more doors to any individual and lead to success in the future.