Who We Are

Youth Without Borders focuses on empowering young people to work together to positively change their communities and beyond.

We create agents of positive change.

We are a youth led, youth run organization who believe in the power of diversity and the magic of project based collaboration.

We provide support for young people to make their own ideas a reality. We believe that through the power of partnership, the needs of young people can be met.



Youth Without Borders believes in a world where every young person has access to the opportunities that enable them to realise their full potential.



We empower young people as leaders of positive change and build capacity through collaborative community based initiatives.



Integrity, Leadership, Social Justice, Respect and Diversity.



Reach out to people who are in need; in particular youth, throughout Australia and overseas;

Network and collaborate with other organisations to assist people in need;

Raise funds for charitable purposes;

Advocate for youth issues, and;

Engage and inspire people, in particular youth, to make a positive difference through meaningful pursuits.