Surge Leadership Program

What is Surge

The Surge Leadership Program is yearly run high school leadership development program, run by Youth Without Borders. The program is for high potential students from schools who lack the resources to dedicate to the targeted development of their students potential.  Currently the program works with students from the 13 schools who are part of the Enable Network in South Brisbane. Year 11 students who are applying for or have been elected into leadership positions (like prefect, sports captain, school captain etc.) take part in the program which introduces them to different concepts around the discourse of leadership and helps them progress on their individual leadership journeys. The workshop involves many hands on interactive activities, talks from motivational speakers and discussion on the different ways one can express leadership.

The Surge Program

The Leadership Development Program consists of two parts – the workshops and the project.


  • The workshops involve many hands on interactive activities, talks from motivation speakers and discussion on the different ways one can express leadership.
  • Two workshops are held – one at the start and one at the end of the program
  • The workshops are held on a weekday and go all day long

Student Project

  • The student project encourages students, at the beginning of their leadership journey, to champion something they wish to see changed within their school. Alternatively, anything they would like to share and inspire other students with.
  • The project would center on creating a final presentation, which the students will present at a school assembly.
  • A pair of mentors will be assigned to each school to guide the student participants in preparing a kickass presentation! This will involve 3 points of contact.

Positions Available

Organising Committee

If you are looking to get involved in the planning and organisation of the program, join the organising committee today!

We are looking for dedicated people, to plan the 2017/18 program.

The open positions are as follows:

Media and Communication

Development & Content Manager

Partnerships and Finance Coordinator

Staff Manager

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