Personal Development Weekend for Young Migrant Women

What is Stride

Stride is a personal development weekend to empower recently arrived young women aged 17-24. The weekend promises a range of activities to allow participants to imagine their future career in a global economy and start a social and professional network via connecting and learning from youth mentors who are established young women within Australia. The pilot program involved collaboration with the Multicultural Development Australia as part of their Migrant Youth Vision Program. Now in its second year, Stride aims to expand its partnerships and improve the camp program.

Why are we doing it

As Australians we live in a diverse reality – 50% of us are either born overseas or have one parent who is born overseas. Stride focuses on mentoring young women to value and hold onto their heritage whilst concurrently capitalising on the personal and career opportunities available.

How long does the project go for, and when will it be run

The weekend is planned to take place at the end of 2017 in Brisbane!

The Team

The complete Stride project team consists of a seven person organising committee in addition to five youth mentors all of which are young women from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds who bring unique perspectives to share with the mentees .

Jenny Liu

Jenny Liu

Project Coordinator