Stride – Mentee Coordinator

The Mentee Coordinator will have both specific responsibilities as part of the organising committee but will also be a mentor during the professional development weekend. For mentoring responsibilities please click here!

Key Areas of Responsibility

As a mentee coordinator you will work with the Project Manager Avrithi to deliver the below:

  • Work with our project partners the Multicultural Development Association (MDA) to develop criteria of mentees and determine whether can be exclusively sourced via MDA cliental or if and advertising and recruitment plan is required.
  • Develop and distribute acceptance packs to our mentees. This will include practical things like what to bring lists, and forms for guardians to sign as collating information on mentors to allow tailoring of the program for maximum impact
  • Coordinate and account for signed participation and media acceptance forms from all mentee attendees
  • Collaborate with MDA to develop the surveys that will be utilised pre, post and 3 months post the camp to evaluate the effectiveness of the personal development weekend.
  • Work with the Logistics Coordinator to coordinate the travel logistics of all mentees to and from the camp.
  • Participate in the assessment and review of the overall program to develop recommendations for improvements.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Key Result Areas

  •  Mentees are selected in a timely manner
  • Mentees receive acceptance packs in a timely manner
  • All forms to be signed by guardians are returned and accounted for in a timely manner
  • Create surveys that allow insightful statistic information about the program to be collated
  • Develop a post project report with recommendations for next year
  • Leave a legacy of clear documentation on how to conduct the financial officer role to pass onto the next generation of volunteers who will run the program

Organisational Culture and Teamwork

  • Demonstrate an active, dedicated commitment to the Youth Without Borders Mission and Strategic Plan.
  • Actively seek to understand, represent and support Youth Without Borders’s vision and values and organizational position to all stakeholders, internally and externally.
  • Actively contribute to a positive workplace culture in accordance with Youth Without Border’s Code of Conduct, Policies & Procedures.

YWB Mission, Vision, Values

Selection Criteria

  1.  Any experience in leaderships positions and/or volunteer
  2. Demonstrated ability to implement and maintain efficient records management systems and in particular risk management
  3. Excellent written and interpersonal skills with an ability to communicate instructions and think laterally to solve problems, coupled with an ability to work both autonomously (self starter) and as a productive member of the team.
  4. Demonstrated highly effective time management skills, highly organised and ability to prioritise workload and ability to coordinate multiple projects / events and meet deadlines.
  5. Must successfully undertake relevant police/working with children checks
  6. Demonstrated understanding of the culture of the organization and belief in the mission, vision and objects.

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