National Committee

2015 – 2016

Sophie Bainbridge

Sophie is in her first year of a Masters degree in Mechatronic Engineering, at the University of Melbourne, after first completing a Bachelor of Science. She joined Spark at the end of 2013 as the Melbourne Staffing Manager, before becoming the National Staffing Coordinator for 2015. She has had some fantastic experiences through Spark – both in these roles and as a mentor on the camps – and is passionate about the goals that Spark is trying to achieve. For 2016, she is very excited to begin working with the new members of the National Committee to help Spark grow as an organisation.

Rhys Rodrigues


Rhys’ family immigrated to Australia in 1995, having grown up with two parents who both undertook further education allowed Rhys to pursue university. At the time Rhys don’t understood how fantastic the experience could or would be. Rhys is currently in the final year of a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University but will be applying to do further studies in Chemical Engineering. Rhys first became involved in Spark when Rhys staffed the inaugural 2014 Melbourne Camp, after falling in love with the experience Rhys returned as the State Staffing Manager in 2015. Spark is an amazing and eye opening experience and Rhys would implore anyone to get involved whether it be as a student, staff member or committee member!

Adalya Nash


Adalya Nash is a 2nd year undergraduate student studying Mathematics and Music at the University of Melbourne. Adalya was inspired to work with Spark in 2013 after hearing about the organisation from a friend. Spark’s aim to empower and inspire disadvantaged students via a hands on educational experience rang true with her own values and experiences and motivated her to get involved with the organisation. She has since been a part of Spark as the Victorian Students Co-ordinator and a Staffie on the Melbourne camp. She looks forward to taking on the Students portfolio at a
national level in the coming year. In her spare time, Adalya enjoys reading, writing and arithmetic.

Mitchell Crichton



As a civil engineering student at the University of Queensland, Mitchell joined Spark in 2014 as a mentor. Since then, Mitchell joined the Brisbane Committee as Operations Manager in 2015, Since then, Mitchell joined the Brisbane Committee as Operations Manager in 2015, and looks forward to working with the National Committee in 2016. This year Mitchell is heading off on exchange to Imperial College London  to study at one of the world’s highest ranked civil engineering schools. When not studying, Mitchell enjoys travelling, drinking way too much coffee, and binge watching Netflix. One of the most rewarding aspects of Spark is watching students grow and develop over the week, really embracing everything they are presented with.

Daniela Nikolic


Daniela is a third year chemical engineering student at the University of Melbourne. As well as being involved with Spark, Daniela likes to be involved in other volunteer work, like the Melbourne University Health Initiative and White Ribbon. Daniela got involved with Spark in late 2014 because of a lecture bash by one of the lovely committee members, and has not once regretted being a part of it. This year was Daniela’s first year staffing and it was an amazing experience, and is keen to keep getting involved as much as possible.

Dulsara Munasinghe


Dulsara is a third year Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student at University of Queensland. He has been involved with Spark for over two years and is inspired everyday by the students he has met. He plans on using his role in the National Committee to further improve Spark’s image and empower youth whilst doing so. Aside from university life and Spark, Dulsara spends his time following motorsport. He is passionate about cars, motorbikes and anything with and engine and one day hopes to become and engineer at a Formula 1 Team.

Kristina Hon


Kristina is a final year chemical engineering student at University of Melbourne who enjoys baking, cooking and eating (not necessarily in that order). Kristina has moved around a bit, and hence loves to travel and experience different cultures. Kristina discovered Spark from a fellow chemical engineering student, and decided to join Spark because of its vision to help encourage high school students to continue with tertiary studies. Kristina was the Melbourne Operations manager for 2015 Spark camp and has learnt so much from the experience. She now looks forward to being part of the national committee to continue help expand and provide the Spark experience to more students.

Alistair Jones


Originally from country Victoria, Alistair moved to the city of Melbourne to study Mechanical Engineering. He is passionate about humanitarian engineering and using problem solving to creating a sustainable future. Alistair has been a Spark “staffie” for the past two years and it has had a large impact on his career aspirations. He believes in the power of hands on education, and that Spark is a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved. Alistair is looking forward to the challenge of being Melbourne camp co-ordinator, and is keen to work hard at continuing to improve the
camp for next year and into the future.

Ronakraj Gosalia


Ronakraj is currently in the second year of Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland and joined Spark Engineering Camp last year. In the first year, Ronakraj was a group staffer and led six extremely enthusiastic students. The experience gained completely changed Ronakraj’s perspective on Engineering as well as how to spend the rest of the time at University. Ronakraj applied for the National Operations Coordinator role for the 2015 camp and thoroughly enjoyed the position – it has helped Ronakraj not only become more organised, but also learn more about project management. This year, Ronakraj was successful in applying for the position of Brisbane Coordinator.

Rhys Herriott


Rhys is in his final semester of a Marketing/Accounting dual at the University of Queensland and has been involved in Spark for the past two years as both the Brisbane Media Manager and a Staffie. A highlight of his time with Spark has been seeing students from previous camps attending university and hearing their stories, and  he is excited to be continuing his involvement with Spark at a National level. Rhys enjoys reading, listening to (and playing) music and photography, something he’s brought to Spark by capturing the last two Brisbane camps.