Spark National Committee Announced!

The Spark Engineering Camp is one of Youth Without Borders’ most powerful program and has been going from strength to strength since it’s first year in 2011.
Now with a national platform, the camp runs in Brisbane and Melbourne, with eyes cast over the horizon for further opportunities.
Lucy Shaw was the Chair of the first National Committee, and deserves a MASSIVE thank you.  This year, a new batch of faces join the National Committee, and we can’t wait to see what is in store!
After an extensive selection process, the team was chosen.Without further ado, the National team for Spark is:
  • Led by Max Wasley as the National Chairperson and Expansion coordinator. Max has been a mentor since 2012, staffing manager of QLD and national coordinator of operations in 2013-4. I’m sure he’ll do an awesome job driving the Spark program forward and setting us up to launch in other states like WA, SA, NT, NSW, Tas, etc., potentially some even for 2015. Good luck Max!
  • Our two city coordinators are Laura Mayes in Brisbane and Suraj Ajjampur in Melbourne! Laura has been a mentor since 2012, and was the operations manager for Brisbane in 2013-4 as well as national secretary. Suraj has been involved since the Melbourne program launched in 2014, and was a mentor on both the Brisbane and Melbourne camps as well as a committee member.
  • Our Students coordinator is Matt Nguyen. Matt has been part of Spark since 2014 in Melbourne as well, and also mentored in Brisbane and Melbourne.
  • Our Staffing coordinator is Sophie Bainbridge. Sophie has been part of Spark since I first put the call out for support in mid-2013, and has been a mentor on both camps, as well as the staffing manager for Melbourne.
  • Our Operations coordinator is Raj Gosalia. Raj has been a part of Spark since 2014 in Brisbane and mentored on the camp this year.
  • Our Communications coordinator is Catherine Turnbull. Catherine has been part of Spark since 2013 working first on communications in Melbourne, then on the national team, as well as being a mentor on the Melbourne camp.
  • Our Finance Coordinator is Justin Somerset. Justin has been a part of Spark since 2012 as a mentor, as well as webmaster in 2012-3 and Brisbane treasurer in 2013-4.
  • Our Partnerships coordinator is Anisha Dhungana – Congrats Anisha, who has been part of the Spark partnerships team in Brisbane in the lead-up to this role.
  • Our National Secretary is Grace Isdale. Grace got involved with Spark last year as a mentor, and has worked as a committee member and mentor from 2013-4.
  • Lastly, our Webmaster is Tharun Sonti. Tharun was a mentor at the Brisbane camp in 2014!

Congratulations to our national committee, and best of luck for the coming year! The National committee from 13-14 will all endeavour to support and mentor you, and help you with starting your new role.