UNICEF celebrate the rights of every child.



This year UNICEF and other child rights organisations around the world celebrate 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

On UNICEF Day for Children, tomorrow, UNICEF Australia is launching a video filmed and photographed by children and young people from right around Australia.

We hope you like our video, and like it enough to help spread the message that children’s rights are for Every Child, Everywhere.

We’re asking that you share the video with the members and supporters of Youth Without Borders by way of social media, by email, or on your organisation’s web and digital channels. We want every to reach thousands with this message. Your help will make a massive difference.

To make the 40sec video, more than 200 children and young people were photographed all around Australia, and more than 1000 children contributed to a bigger piece of work to document the views of Aussie kids on child rights. This bigger piece of work is a message to Australia’s decision makers and will be released in a month’s time, on November 20, or Universal Children’s Day.