‘Uni Hacks’ Project Coordinator


There are areas of Brisbane where sitting for your OP/Ranking, just to keep your options post high school open, is not the norm. Regions where less than 20% of students graduate with one of this university entrance scores and much less actually transition to university thereafter.
For students from these regions who show interest in pursuing tertiary education, there are often various social and economic barriers to these students seeing university as a viable future pathway for themselves. There are many programs in existence that provide university experience events which highlight the educational opportunities availableand in particular the different degrees one can study and the different universities one can attend. Something that is either lacking or complete absent from these programs is the ‘what’s uni actually like!?!?!?’

Project Scope

Develop four highly engaging and interactive Uni Hack workshops that talk about the practicalities of attending university on a day to day basis. Examples of topics that may be covered include:

  • What does a day at uni look like
  • What is a the difference between a tute/lecture/lab/tutorial
  • How to make friends – clubs and societies
  • What are the living options – renting, share houses, college, staying at home
  • The importance of time management – balancing working while studying/friends/family/hobbies
  • The differences between university and high school
  • What I know now that I wish I knew when I started university
  • Where to look for scholarship, things you should be doing now in high to make you stand out when applying for scholarship



Reports To

Youth Without Borders NEC (National Executive Committee)

Salary Range



Part-Time (average of 5 hours per week but up to 10 hours per week, inclusive of NEC meetings)

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Develop a set of four, one hour ‘uni-hack’ workshops which are highly engaging and interactive.
  • Source and coordinate additional volunteers to help you develop the workshops as well as deliver them at Griffith University Nathan Campus. This will be done with the help of advertising on the Youth Without Borders website and social media outlets.
  • Ensure the development, decision making process and running of the workshops is well documented such that a legacy can be left where the project can easily transition to be run by others in future years.
  • Assess and review the workshops and develop recommendations for improvements.
  • Work with the Marketing and Communications Executive to promote the achievements of the YWB ‘uni hacks’ project.
  • Monitor, track and report activities relevant to the role.
  • Actively participation in NEC meetings and professional development relevant to the role.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Organisational Culture and Teamwork:

  • Demonstrate an active, dedicated commitment to the Youth Without Borders Mission and Strategic Plan.
  • Actively seek to understand, represent and support Youth Without Borders’s vision and values and organizational position to all stakeholders, internally and externally.
  • Actively contribute to a positive workplace culture in accordance with Youth Without Border’s Code of Conduct, Policies & Procedures.

YWB Mission, Vision, Values

Selection Criteria:

  1. Experience in Project Management, Communication and/or Engagement, including any relevant study or tertiary education (current or completed).
  2. Demonstrated ability to produce high quality projects which involve engaging with or rallying people together for a common cause
  3. Excellent written and interpersonal skills with an ability to communicate instructions and think laterally to solve problems, coupled with an ability to work both autonomously (self starter) and as a productive member of the team.
  4. Demonstrated highly effective time management skills, highly organised and ability to prioritise workload and coordinate multiple responsibilities and meet deadlines.
  5. Must successfully undertake relevant police/working with children checks.
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