Meet the Expand Project Team

Natasha Natamihardja

Natasha Natamihardja


Natasha is currently studying Civil Engineering at the University of Queensland and was excited to become part of Expand as she saw it as an opportunity to expand her cultural understanding and horizons and make an impact to the community. She hopes to motivate these students in gaining a new perspective on the world and improve their ability to adapt to culturally diverse situations.

Natasha’s passion for engineering along with her drive for youth empowerment and community development has led her to be heavily involved with Youth Without Border’s initiative, Spark Engineering Camp. As a mentor, Natasha inspired high school students by helping them break down barriers they may have faced in accessing tertiary education and realise their self-potential, which was an extremely rewarding experience. She was also part of the Partnerships committee for the camp, and her various roles in the UQ Student Relations Network and working as an undergraduate project engineer has equipped her with developing strong communication, management and leadership skills in a team environment.

Natasha’s interest in Papua New Guinea arose from her travels last year to parts of the Pacific Islands including Vanuatu, Lifou and New Caledonia and being a current member of the UQ South Pacific Islander Association where she experienced the rich culture that was instilled in the Islander community. Her personable and enthusiastic nature will make a positive contribution to the project and she is looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in working on Expand.