Masterchef Meets the Streets


The Master Chef Meets the Streets project, was a project run in four separate Brisbane high schools where students participated in cooking workshops for a good cause. The dishes, cooked entirely by students, are being used to help feed the homeless of Brisbane by providing them with a healthy, home cooked meal for the evening.

Although the notion of feeding those in need is not a new one, the project aims to go a step further by educating high school students to not only the importance of good nutrition, but also cultural diversity and understanding, gained through positive experience; something that will no doubt be increasingly more important to them as they transition into their adult years. Talented ethnic chefs from around the city are running workshops in which students are learning how to make exotic delicacies such as “lentils curry” and “pineapple jelly”, or even an old favourite such as “Irish Stew”.

Our wonderful project coordinator Mateja Dokleja says “the students had a great time learning something new, and the feedback has been absolutely fantastic. Its so heart warming to see young adults not only learning about the importance of what they eat, but also the smiles on their faces when they get to see their hard work get put to a good cause”.

After the workshop, students have the opportunity to taste their own creation and rest of the food was packed up for those who are in a serious need for a good meal. As night falls, the prepared meals are delivered to partner  organisations helping the homeless – Rosie’s and The Wesley Mission. However, this night is a little bit different than their ordinary business, as volunteers and students who made the food are serving it and mingling with the homeless, listening to their stories.