Kamar Buku

Kamar Buku is a library on the back of a motor bike that drives around villages (Depok, Indonesia) and accesses disadvantaged communities. Through education and public information dissemination, it targets areas that don’t have access to libraries, specifically children and youth living inrural areas with inadequate transportation and communication facilities.

A Youth Without Borders Project

  • YWB’s role was to bring together stakeholders to ‘make it happen’ by providing links within the community.
  • YWB worked on networking and not recreating; leveraging existing infrastructure.

A Worthwhile Project

  • Depok, Indonesia has a population of 1.3 million people but previously didn’t have a public library.
  • In comparison, Brisbane has a population of 2 million people and has 32 public libraries serviced by Brisbane City Council alone.

Results and Stats!

  • Nine Stakeholders in two countries
  • 2500 Books in circulation
  • 2 Mobile libraries operating in two villages; Depok City and Yogyakarta City
  • Each Mobile library has 150 book capacity
  • 1 Fixed Library location in Jakarta
  • Now operating autonomously