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Julian Bluett

Julian Bluett

Non-Executive Director

Julian Bluett is a teacher and student of education. After 10 years of working with young people in schools and community contexts he continues to be inspired by what young people are capable of achieving when given the opportunity.

Julian is an avid learner, always keen to learn about how individuals, communities and institutions can be involved in the transformation of society. His involvement in youth without boarders and other youth initiatives is inspired by the belief that whilst youth and young adolescents are destined to be at the vanguard of the transformation of society individuals, communities and institutions need to band together and work determinedly to make this bright prospect a reality. It is not until youth are supported to achieve their fullest potential that society will truly thrive.

Having grown up in Papua New Guinea, lived in different parts of the Pacific and having family and friends from all over the world Julian loves learning about different languages and cultures (especially the indigenous cultures of our region).

A student at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education Julian aspires to be involved in bringing educational best practice to the forgotten places in our region – neighbourhoods, villages and towns. So that youth and their communities can be well equipped to take charge of their future and to be fully in command of their own destiny.