Get Involved in 2016!


We have a tonne of positions open right now – with something for everyone! – and if none of that tickles your fancy – let us know what project you would like to start here!

‘Uni Hacks’ Project Manager

Expand – Papua New Guinea  Collaboration

Stride Personal Development Weekend for Young Migrant Refugee Women of Colour

Marketing and Communications Executive

Memberships Engagement Executive

Policy and Procedure Writer

Spark Engineering Camp


  1. I’m a PhD candidate at Griffith University. I’m very interested in being a part of of Youth Without Borders and would highly appreciate any positions in which I can display my enthusiasm for the cause and help out in any way possible.

  2. Hey Thomas, Yes – our current projects are only have position in Australia and PNG however if you have an idea for a project for your local community please feel free to email me on



  3. Dear YWB

    Re: ‘Ask Me Anything’ Schools Project

    I’ve got an idea which I’ve been trying to get more support and backing for. It’s a schools workshop called the ‘Ask Me Anything’ project where three-four diverse Australian presenters run a Q&A session with high-school students from around Australia.

    At the moment we have presenters who are: Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Athiest.

    We are always looking for flexible and capable presenters, who can volunteer their time, and who are able to think on their feet to answer curly and controversial questions about race, religion and relationships.

    Our presenters’ ethnicities, places of birth and occupations are also very diverse and we’re all collaborative, enthusiastic and eager to build respect and mutual understanding across religions and cultures.

    We’re slowly but surely starting the project in Canberra, where I’m based, but I’d love to connect with YWB to get it going in other capital cities, and regional Australia.

    What do you think?

    There’s more info on the website

    I’ll send Bianca a brochure too!


    • Hey Saima! I have passed your info onto our media and communications team. They should be in contact soon to talk about ways you might like to get involved.


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