Feeding Souls

We are marginalization, broken down to dark skin, disease and poverty.


We are known as the other, not identified by our personality but labeled with lack, ignorance and helplessness.


We have let the rest of the world carry these perceptions of us, carry our identity in their books and steal their self serving versions of our story through their camera lenses.


Our passions are showcased as entertainment and tribal. We ride on these stories of ourselves and start believing we are not as good, not as advanced or important, that we are nothing but a burden to the rest of the world, a world we feed with our natural resources and we keep running and feed its apatite for greed.


We are like an unappreciated mother yet we keep feeding and accepting their defamation of our character..


We need to tell our story be our own voices, tell our own stories of the depths of our desires to the scars of our past and how our skin has thickened not because of the harsh sun but the journey many of us have to take to get where we want. How we see loved ones fall into the trap of drugs and some caught into HIV but that does not stop us from moving forward.


‘HIV’, ‘poverty’, ‘black’… that is not who we are. We have dreams, we are creative, we are strong, we are passionate, we love, we are beautiful, we are educated, and we are educators.. We are worth being one of the world, just a different part. Not only as case studies or as statistics.. but as fellow human beings..


Zola Songo

Youth Without Border’s latest partnership is with a youth group in South Africa named Sober Hearts Africa, and the above passage is written by the project co-ordinator, Zola Songo.

The objective of the project is to provide an avenue for young South Africans to share their stories through creative means; photography and film. It is an opportunity to enable the growth of soul and creativity of young people, which in developing countries, are often ignored.

We are currently in the development phase of this project. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Yassmin Abdel-Magied.