Expand: 2016 PNG Collaboration

What is Expand

Expand is cross cultural collaboration created for secondary schools students in Brisbane AUS and Rabaul PNG. It is facilitated by a team of Brisbane based youth mentors. The Brisbane youth will travel to Papua New Guinea to to meet with and build meaningful relationships with Rabaul youth and collaborate together to develop the idea for a project. The project will be feasible and create a positive impact on either the local school or the wider community. After the trip this project will then be coordinated for implementation within the community. The project aims to enhance leadership skills through creating meaningful and lasting relationships whilst working together with a culturally and linguistically diverse peer group on open ended tasks. This volunteering opportunity provides a hands on experience which will allow the youth from both countries to build the types of skills necessary to thrive as future leaders in highly diverse landscapes.

Why are we doing it?

Currently 50% of Australians are either born over seas or have one parent born overseas. More than ever, youth require the skills to collaborate with others from a diverse backgrounds and cultures. Intercultural understanding and the ability to work seamlessly with others who are culturally and linguistically different to ourselves is an essential skill in the 21st century. Expand will provide real-life opportunities to develop and enhance these skills with a focus on collaboration and mutual understanding.

How long does the project go for, and when will it be run?

The initial week long trip to Rabaul PNG will take place in one of the school holidays during 2017. In the months prior to departure, the successful student applicants along with their mentors will conduct fundraising, leadership development, PNG cultural awareness activities and other team building tasks.

Who will we be collaborating with?

The community we will be collaborating with is Warangoi High School located 40 minutes from Kokopo.  Warangoi High school caters to years 9 and 10 and has over 600 students.

The Team

The project team consists of a project coordinator, five youth mentors and three advisors with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. They are aged between 20-28, with many having personal connections to Papua New Guinea and experience in project management, non-for-profits and mentoring.

John Wilkes - Project Coordinator

John Wilkes

Project Coordinator

Natasha Natamihardja


Julian Bluett


Ally Sarah


Conor O'Neill


Bianca Goebel


Reimen Hii


Joyce Bluett


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