AsiaLink Leaders Program Launch

Last month YWB Board member Bianca Goebel attended the AsiaLink Leaders program launch.

Asialink’s mission is to build an Asia-capable deeply Asia engaged Australia though knowledge, skills and partnerships. The AsiaLink Leaders Program consists of three days professional development where successful applicants gain skills and insight on the practicalities of building and maintaining Asia/Australia relations through workshops and lectures from subject area experts.

Tarragh Cunningham

One of the distinguished speakers of the night was Tarragh Cunningham – one of the programs Alumni. She used the skills she learnt from the AsiaLink Leaders program to execute a project that involved making contacts and networks with art spaces overseas in Asia so that an exhibition could tour through many Australasia countries. These contacts will not only be fantastic for this particular exhibition but the connections made can be used for future exhibitions too.

Bianca spent the night networking and promoting YWB with current and alumni AsiaLink Leaders as well as the many other prominent guests which also attended the event.

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